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Previously.  .  .

"Hey, are you listening?" Freed said. "Don't worry about a thing, Mira. We'll get through this, okay? I love you."

Mira sniffled. 'I love you, too,' she thought to herself with a tiny smile. 

And now.  .  .

"Shouldn't they've been back by now?"

"That job couldn't have been too hard for them to handle."

"Mira won't answer her phone!"
"Freed isn't picking up either."

"Their phones could've died."

"But wouldn't they charge them?"

"Maybe they got lost?"

"Probably not."

"What if they died?"


"It's a reasonable assumption!!"

"No it's not!!!"

Lucy shouted over the noise. "Shut up and listen for a second!" Everyone stopped talking. "Thank you. Now, let's go over what we know is true. Lisanna?"

The white haired girl stood from her spot on the floor in Lucy's apartment. "It's been four days since Mira and Freed left on their job. Nee-chan won't pick up her phone, and neither will Freed. I don't remember where the job was, but the title said something about defeating a demon. The pay was 300,000 Jewel. That's all I got." She sat back down next to her brother. 

"I bet the request was a fake!" Kenzie yelled out. 

"You just want to go beat up some evil people, don't you?" Lucy muttered. 

"She's got a point, though," Lily remarked. "I mean, what if it really was a fake request? What if some evil people really did just want to do something bad to Freed and Mira? What if they're hurt? And what about Juvia? What if she's caught up in this, too?"

Gray clenched and unclenched his fists. "They'd better not have hurt her," he said under his breath. 

"Don't worry, Gray," Crystal said. "Juvia is totally capable of protecting herself." 

The ice wizard nodded slightly. "I know, but what if she couldn't? I'm just worried is all."

Crystal shook her head. "That's why I said DON'T worry."

Natsu spoke up. "It's hard not to worry, Crystie. Remember when Phantom Lord kidnapped Lucy? I was worried sick!"

"That was no fun. Trust me." Lucy smiled a bit as she recalled the memory. 

"No, I don't remember that! I wasn't in Fairy Tail back then!" the chop wizard shouted. 

The older mages laughed nervously. "Oh, well, remind one of us to tell you about that sometime," Erza said. 

"Now sounds good," Katana muttered. 

The celestial wizard sighed. "Okay, so let's see. The Phantom Lord guild was hired by my dad to kidnap me and bring me home."

"So while they were trying to do that, the rest of Fairy Tail was protecting the guild hall from the Jupiter canon," Erza recalled. "That was painful, I'll tell you that much."

The fire dragon slayer added, "Gray, Elfman, and I went in and fought the Element 4."

"I went in there, too!" Happy said as he jumped in the air. 

"Right. So anyway, I defeated this fire wizard. His name was something like Tomodachi, or Todoramo. . ." Natsu tried to remember his name. 

Erza helped him out. "The fire wizard was Totomaru. Elfman fought the earth elemental, Sol, Gray was fighting Juvia, and Natsu also fought Aria, the air mage. After some time I went in and defeated Aria."

"Whoa, wait a minute," Piper interrupted. "Gray, you fought with Juvia?! But, she's your girlfriend! That's just cold, even for you."

Gray slammed his fist down on the table. "Shut up, Piper! I wasn't dating Juvia back then! Don't be so naive!"

The little food mage looked at the floor, her face turning red. "Sorry," she murmured. 

The ice wizard sighed. "No, don't be. I'm just stressed out. Look, I'm going to go find Juvia. I'll see you guys later," he said, walking out the door. 

The Fairy Tail mages left in the room were quiet. Katana spoke up after several moments. "Sorry, Piper. You know Gray usually doesn't act like that. Even last night he was really worried about Juvia. She isn't answering her phone at all, and no one has seen her since four days ago." The dragon slayer trembled. "I'm scared, too. I know Freed and Mira should have come back sooner. They can handle some stupid monster. I'm afraid they got really hurt, or maybe kidnapped. Same with Juvia." 

Lily came up behind her friend and gave her a hug. "It's okay, Kat. We're going to find them, I promise." Everyone else nodded in agreement. 

Lucy turned to Lisanna and Elfman. "Do you guys have any idea where the request was?" 

"Let me think," Lisanna said. "Acla-, Alcy-, Alcapha..."

"Acalypha?" Lucy suggested. 

The young transformation mage smiled. "Yeah, Acalypha. That was it."

Erza nodded. "That's where Love and Lucky is, right?"

"Yep! And I know exactly how to get there," Lucy grinned. "So, who's coming with me?" Every person raised their hand. "Alright then! Meet at the train station in twenty minutes, okay? And pack light."

The Fairy Tail mages ran out the door to get ready. Lucy was finally alone. She made herself a cup of tea and packed for the trip to find Mira, Freed, and hopefully Juvia. The blonde was just about to leave when her cell phone vibrated. She pulled it out to see a text from Gray. It read, "sorry i left like that. i heard u guys were headed 4 acalypha. mind if i come?" 

Lucy smiled. She replied, "fine by me. c u @ the train!" She turned off the phone and locked her front door behind her. 


Juvia tapped on Mira's shoulder to wake her up. "Hey, Mira-chan, wake up," she whispered. The white haired mage lifted her head and blinked several times. "Juvia, you know you shouldn't be in here. I don't want Totomaru to hurt you again," she murmured, eyeing the water mage's heavily bandaged arm. 

"Mira-chan, Juvia has to tell you something," Juvia said. 

Grunting, Mira readjusted herself into a more comfortable position. "What is it?"

"Juvia found her cell phone in Toto-san's room," she whispered. "The newest text message was from Gray-sama, and it said he was coming to look for Juvia. That's a good thing, right Mira-chan?"

Mira's eyes widened. "Gray's coming to look for you?" Juvia nodded. "Did he say he was coming alone or with other people?"

The water mage thought for a moment, and then replied, "Gray-sama said 'we,' so that means more than just him."

Smiling, Mira told her, "This is great! He must be coming with Natsu and Lucy and Erza, well I'd hope so anyway, and I bet Lisanna and Elfman are coming too!"

Juvia smiled as well, though she didn't know half of the people her guild mate had named. "Should I tell Freed-san as well?" she asked. 

"Yes, please do," the transformation wizard said. As Juvia nodded and stood to leave, Mira stopped her. "Hey," she murmured, "is your arm healing okay?"

Juvia turned back to her friend. "Yeah. It hurts, but Juvia thinks it will get better soon. And what about your leg, Mira-chan?"

Mira shrugged. "Been better, but it doesn't sting at all. I'll be fine." She smiled slightly as Juvia closed the door, leaving Mira alone again. It had been four seemingly endless days. There'd been no luck in escaping. But finally, Freed, Juvia, and herself were going to get away from the grasp of the Element 4. 


Natsu, Kenzie, and Katana stumbled off the train and onto the wet pavement where they slipped and fell on their faces. "Never... again," Kenzie muttered, speaking for her fellow dragon slayers. Their exceeds hovered above their heads. 

"Get over it. We're here, so quit complaining," Erza told them, dragging her huge cart of luggage behind her. 

Lucy sighed. "So much for packing light."

Gray ignored the chatter of his guild mates and looked at the map in his hands. Raindrops splattered all over the paper, but he didn't care. There are three small villages here, one shopping street, the train station, and Love and Lucky is in the center of it all. The rest of the land is either fields or forests. Where are we supposed to start?! The ice wizard took a deep breath. He started walking towards the village closest to the station. 

"Yo, where do you think you're going?" Lisanna said, coming up behind Gray. 

"To look for them. What else?" he muttered. 

"And you think it's okay to ditch the rest of us? We're just as worried as you are, Gray, and every single one of us is ready to bring them home. But this is a team effort, you know?" The girl set her hand on the dark haired mage's shoulder. "Just hold on a second." Then she ran off to get the others. 

Lisanna's right, Gray thought. This is just as important to them as it is to me. He waited for the rest of the search party to catch up. Once they did, he began walking again with his guild mates following behind. 

The closer Gray came to the village, the harder the rain fell. "Gray?" Lily called from behind. "Juvia should be here, right?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure," the ice wizard replied. "This rain won't stop falling. And since there are so many buildings here, I think we should split up."

Erza took charge. "Okay then. Lucy, Natsu, and Kenzie can go together. I'll go with Lily, Crystal, and Piper. Gray, Lisanna, Elfman, and Katana can search, and how about the exceeds can go?" She got nods from everyone. Then the mages split up. 

Gray led his sister and the Strauss siblings around the rundown village. He stormed in houses and searched every single room inside. "Juvia? Mira? Freed?" he called. "Where are you guys?"

"Elfman! Look over here!" Lisanna shouted. Gray and Katana went to the younger along with Elfman. She was crouched by a locked cellar door with a strange mark painted on it. The symbol looked alot like the Phantom Lord guild stamp, but not quite. "Should we go in?" Lisanna murmured. 

Gray tugged at the lock. "Well, yeah we're going in there. If that stupid Phantom Lord guild is in there, they're going to-"

Katana pulled her brother away from the door. "Hang on! I hear voices. Listen," she said. 

The Fairy Tail wizards leaned towards the door. They heard a group of men talking. 

"They could come any time now."

"How many people do you think will come searching?"

"Probably six or more."

"Do you think Makarov would be there?"

"Not sure. Maybe."

"Is everything in place?" 

"I'm pretty sure. Though, Juvia may not be of any help. Her loyalty seems shaky."

As soon as he heard Juvia's name, Gray froze the lock on the cellar door, making it shatter into tiny ice shards. He was about to run inside, but his sister held him back again. "Gray, wait! Shouldn't we have the others come? Calm down, please!"

"Katana, get off!" the older ice mage shouted, shoving his sister onto the wet ground. "Juvia's in there, and I'm going to get her out!"

Elfman grabbed Gray's arm. "Stop, Gray. Let's get everyone else get here first, then we can go in," he said as he pulled out his cell phone. 

Gray quit struggling. He tried to stay calm as the rest of the search party arrived. 

 "So we know that Juvia's in there," Lucy said after Lisanna explained everything, "and Freed and Mira probably are, too, considering we found their luggage close by."

Erza, again, took charge. "Okay, so how about Lisanna, Elfman, Gray, Natsu, Lucy, and I go in there? Does that sound good?" Nods of approval came from all around, except Happy insisted on going with them. 

Kenzie, however, disagreed with the red head's proposal. "What do we do then?! Sit out here in the rain?"

Everybody answered, "Yes," before they opened the door and ran inside. 

"Juvia! Where are you?" Gray yelled. 

"Mira-nee? Freed? You in here?" Elfman called. 

Gray ran into someone and they both fell to the ground. He looked down to see Juvia underneath him. "Oh, my gosh! Juvia! You're okay!" The ice mage sat up and hugged his girlfriend. She gave a squeak and pulled away. "Juvia, what's-" Gray noticed her left arm was wrapped in bandages, and she cradled it gently with her opposite hand. 

"Gray-sama," the blue haired girl gasped. Her eyes began to shine with tears. 

The dark haired wizard leaned in close to her. "What happened to your arm?"

Juvia closed her eyes tight and shook her head as she began to cry. Gray set his hands gently on her shoulders. "Juvia, calm down, it's okay. Please tell me what happened," he said.

"It was. . ." the girl sobbed, "T-Totomaru." Just then, she burst into tears. Her boyfriend pulled her in closer and looked up at Natsu. They both gave a nod, and Natsu ran off to find the fire wizard who hurt Juvia, Happy flying behind him. 

Lisanna crouched down beside her crying friend. "Juvia," she said in a calm voice, "are my sister and Freed here?" The water mage gave a tiny nod in return. 

Elfman, Lucy, and Erza split off to search through the basement. Before leaving, Lisanna hugged Juvia and whispered, "Thank you," in her ear. 

"Hey, Juvia, look at me," Gray said once everyone was gone. The girl looked up. "I promise you'll be okay now. You trust me, right?" Juvia turned her head away, not answering. The ice wizard took her chin and turned it back towards him. "Do you trust me, Juvia?" he asked.

Juvia took in a shaky breath. "Juvia isn't sure. Mira-chan told Juvia she was dating Gray-sama, so she should trust Gray-sama, but Juvia doesn't..." Her light voice trailed off into more tears. 

Gray stroked his girlfriend's hair. "You don't what, Juvia?"

"Juvia doesn't remember," she said, barely above a whisper. Gray was surprised at the answer he had received. "How much do you not remember?" the dark haired mage asked. 

The water mage sighed heavily. "Everything between the battle of Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail and now."

"So you don't remember joining our guild? Or Tenrou Island, or the Grand Magic Games? You really don't remember any of that?"

"None," Juvia sniffled. "Mira-chan says the Element 4 might've brainwashed Juvia. Juvia doesn't want to believe it, but she thinks it's true. Mira-chan hasn't had the chance to tell me a whole lot about Fairy Tail yet."

Gray kissed his girlfriend on the nose, making her blush. "Don't worry about it. We'll all help you through this. I swear. Promise me you won't forget I love you ever again?"

Juvia's eyes sparkled as she replied, "I promise." Suddenly, Gray felt a sharp object cut the sleeve of his coat. Droplets of blood soaked through and a purple shard was placed against the cut. Smoke came off the lacrima, and a skinny man appeared before the two wizards. 

Gray quickly stood up and pulled Juvia up beside him. "Back off, Sol. I'm warning you," he growled. 

Sol took one step towards the two wizards. Gray threw his hand out in front of him, shouting, "Ice-make Lance!" Nothing happened. He tried again, but it didn't work. 

"Non, non, non, mon amie," Sol said. "You can't attack me with your silly ice magic."

Juvia created a wall of slicing water between them and Sol. "Gray-sama, Sol cut you with that lacrima, didn't he? If your blood gets on it, you won't be able to use your magic for eleven days. Mira-chan and Freed-san were already cut by them."

"What a coward," Gray muttered as he tried to stop the bleeding of his arm. "We've got to find the others. Let's go." He dragged Juvia through the closest doorway and into a big, open room. Mira, Freed, Lisanna, and Elfman sat on one side of the room. 

As the two walked over to their guild mates, they saw Lisanna, Elfman, and Mira hugging, all crying their eyes out. Freed sat in the corner with an exhausted look on his face. "Hey, are you two okay?" Gray asked when they came closer. 

Freed barely nodded, and Mira didn't even answer, just kept crying. Gray took a seat next to the green haired wizard. "You don't look so good, Freed."

He shook his head. "I'm fine," he grunted. "I just haven't eaten for a while. It really takes alot out of you."  

Mira pulled away from her siblings and crawled over to Freed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "I was worried about you," she whispered. Freed pushed her away a little, but only enough to see her glittering, deep blue eyes. He kissed the girl on the lips, causing both of them to blush. "You can stop worrying now," he told her.

Meanwhile, with the younger wizards...

"WHAT DID YOU SA-" Kenzie was about to yell at Kat when loud noises were heard from inside the cellar. Each young Fairy Tail wizard and the two exceeds looked at one another before all nodding, running into the building. "You know what to do Pussy Kat?"

"Yup! Smell ya out, simple plan. The only good thing you've said all day!" Kenzie growled as they continued to run, both dragon slayers leading the way. They stopped once they found half of their guild mates in the large room crying or groaning. 

"Mira! Freed!" the younger girls shouted with huge smiles on their cold, wet faces. 

"Juvia!" Kat ran ahead of the group and over to the blue haired wizard, her eyes starting to water with the sight of said wizard. She hug-tackled Juvia to the ground and watched as her face grew more and more confused. Gray got up and went over to the two girls. "This is Katana," he told Juvia, "my little sister. You probably won't remember her-"

Kat let Juvia sit up and looked from her brother and back to Juvia, tears still in her eyes. "What do you mean, won't remember?" she questioned. The water mage looked like she was about to cry again, so Gray explained his girlfriend's situation. The younger Fullbuster felt even sadder for Juvia after hearing what had happened. 

Then Kenzie piped up from her spot by the door. "Listen, this was nice and all, but where's my brother and everyone else?!" 

Lisanna was the one that answered. "They went to fight the rest of the Element 4 I think." Kenzie got her smirk of a challenge on her face as she cracked her knuckles, slightly giving off a little of her electricity. 

"Then I'm gonna go help them! You guys stay here and get better, leave the rest to me and others!" She was about to run out when Kat called her back. Groaning, the lightning mage turned around but got a surprising reply back. "Be careful Dragneel, I wanna fight you once all of this gets cleaned up, alright?!" The brown haired girl nodded, her smirk still on her face.

"Right! You count on it!" Kenzie shouted and ran off to find her battling guild mates. 

The young dragon slayer slowed when she entered a small, dark room. 'Lucy should be in here,' she thought to herself, sniffing the air again. "Lucy!" Kenzie called. "I know you're in he-" The girl stumbled over something and fell onto the concrete floor. She tried to find what she'd tripped over and felt a metal ring of keys- Lucy's gate keys. A few feet to her left, Kenzie felt Lucy's bare arm. 

"Lucy! Lucy! Are you okay?" Kenzie shook the blonde's shoulders. "Lucy! Wake up! C'mon, Luce, quit messing around!" She lit up her left hand with lightning to provide light. Lucy had a pained expression on her face and her eyes were closed. She had bruises and cuts all over her body. 

Kenzie shook the older mage's arm even harder. "Luce, wake up! Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!" The girl took shaky breaths as she tried desperately to awaken the unconscious girl. Suddenly, a chilled wind picked up and swirled around the younger Fairy Tail wizard. A looming shape appeared behind the two of them. Kenzie turned to see a crying man in a dark cloak with his eyes covered by a blindfold.

"S-sorrowful," he sniffled. "So sorrowful to hurt such a young girl."

"Oi, I'm fourteen!" Kenzie retorted. "Do you really think you'll lay a finger on THE Kenzie Dragneel?" she smirked as she lit up her fists with bright lightning. 

"You are as naive as your brother," the man said. "He could not defeat me, and neither will you."

"I'll make you eat those words!" Kenzie shouted and ran towards the tall man. But instead of hitting him, she ran into some sort of invisible barrier. She threw herself against it again, but it didn't work. "What the-" She was interrupted by the mystery man placing his hands out in front of him.

Two magic circles appeared above Kenzie. The person before her uttered, "Metsu," then without warning, searing pain spread throughout her entire body. 

"Natsu!!!" the young girl screamed. She could feel her magic energy depleting quickly. "Help me!!" Abruptly, Kenzie hit the cold floor. It was hard for her to even move, but she was prepared to get up and fight the man no matter what. 

The lightning dragon slayer got on her knees and, dizzily, got to her feet. This time, the giant man put one hand in front of him and said, "Zetsu." Bright flashes of purple exploded against Kenzie's body and sent her flying against a wall. She managed to stay standing, but her vision continued to get hazier. 

Kenzie lit up her fist with sparking lightning. She ran forward shouting, "Lightning Dragon Iron Fist!" But before she could hit the man, he disappeared. She turned and looked for where he'd gone, but didn't see anybody. The young mage called out, "Who are you!? Where'd you go?"

A voice echoed throughout the room. "I am Aria of the Heavens. I'm the most powerful member of the Element 4." All of a sudden, Kenzie was thrown against another wall by a huge gust of wind. The man called Aria appeared directly in front of her and grabbed her hair. 

"What the heck? Lemme go!" Kenzie yelled. Aria lifted her off her feet to meet his eye level. She cried out in pain, but he ignored it. "You cannot defeat me, Kensu Dragneel," the air wizard murmured. He threw her to the ground and surrounded her with another airspace. 

The Fairy Tail wizard slammed against the barriers of the airspace, but, again, it didn't work. "It is sorrowful to hurt such a young mage like yourself," Aria sniffled. "But it is what I must do." For the second time, he placed his two large hands out in front of him and said, "Metsu." The magic circles appeared, and once again, agonizing pain swept through Kenzie's body. 

'I c-can't give up,' Kenzie thought to herself. 'I've gotta do something before my magic energy gets completely drained!' She cried out again for her brother or anyone. Then she fell onto her hands and knees when the airspace dissipated. Instead of a concrete floor, however, there was ice. The lightning mage looked up to see Kat crouched in the doorway. 

"I thought I told you to be careful, Dragneel," Katana smirked. 

"Shut up, Fullbuster," Kenzie replied with a weak smile. 

When Katana unfroze the floor, Kenzie got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the still-unconscious Lucy. Kat kept her guard up incase Aria reappeared. The brown haired girl shook Lucy's arm once again. "Please get up, Luce," she murmured. "C'mon, I know you're okay, just wake up. Pretty pretty please, Lucy. Can you hear me?"

The blonde's eyes opened slightly. "K-Kenzie...?"

Kenzie smiled in relief. "That's me. You alright?" The dragon slayer helped Lucy sit up against the wall. "My head is spinning alot," the older answered. "Where'd Aria go?"

"He disappeared and hasn't come back yet."

"Where's Natsu?"

"I don't know."

"How about Erza?"

"I don't know."

"Elfman and Lisanna?"

"They're in the main room with Freed, Mira, Gray, Juvia, Lily, Crystal, and Piper."

"That's good," Lucy sighed.

 Katana made her way over to her guild mates with Lucy's gate keys in hand. "You okay, Lucy?" she asked, giving the metal ring of keys to the blonde. "Not really," the celestial mage replied, smiling slightly with gratitude. "Let's just get out of here." 

Alright, LOTS to say about this one.
2. Sorry for the 88% lack of Freera. But I couldn't help myself! I've been reading too many Gruvia fanfics recently :3
3. Sorry for the crappy ending spot but i couldn't figure out another way to end it so i just stopped it there. I was going to add more, but I didn't like any of it.
4. As soon as pt. 13 starts, it'll have wayyyyyyyy more Freera moments i swear!!!!
5. If you have any questions, pleeeeeeaaaase comment below! And also tell me what you think. I really like seeing comments and faves ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, but I own Lily, and my friends own Piper, Crystal, Kenzie, and Katana.
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