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Previously. . . 

"Let's get going alright?" She slid her hand into Natsu's, preparing to go make reservations for the date.

Natsu smiled. "Whatever you say, Captain Lucy," he replied. They walked out the door, hand in hand. 

And now. . .

As Gray and Juvia walked down the stone road toward the guild, they noticed a moving heap of luggage. "Gray-sama! Erza's back!" Juvia told her boyfriend. 

"Nice observation. It's quite hard to miss, her luggage cart," Gray replied. "Let's go then."

The two jogged up to Erza. She turned her head towards the couple and stopped walking. "Gray, Juvia. What's up?" Erza asked with a slight smile.

"Welcome back Erza-chan. Juvia and Gray-sama have something we need to tell you," Juvia told the S Class wizard. 

"We are passing on the plan for Freera," Gray said. 

Erza looked a little confused. "Freera?" she asked. 

"Oh sorry, Erza-chan!" Juvia cried. "Freera is the name--"

"Natsu came up with for Freed and Mira," Gray finished. 

Erza nodded, taking in the information. "That isn't half bad. It's hard to combine their names. Okay, can you two just meet me back at the guild hall? I need to put away my things," she told the couple as she began walking forward again. 

"Sure thing, Erza-chan!" Juvia said. "See you at the guild!" Gray waved goodbye.
The ice wizard took the water mage's hand in his, making her blush. He kissed her right on her nose, the thing she loved the most. Juvia giggled, blushing even harder. Gray loved hearing her laugh. "Let's start heading back then?" Gray asked his blue-haired girlfriend. She smiled at him, and off they went to meet Erza at Fairy Tail. 


Lily enjoyed the peace and quiet in her empty bedroom. Usually her obnoxious roommates were being, well, obnoxious. But today, Lily could strum her violin without a single interruption. 

Well, at least it lasted for a few minutes. 

Crystal and Piper blasted through the door to their room. They were yelling at each other about battling one another. Lily sighed, stood up, and confronted the two with her 'I'm not happy' face. 

Crystal instantly stopped talking, and Piper followed suit. 

The girls sighed a huge sigh. "We're leaving," they muttered, and they were out the door in three seconds flat. 

Lily smiled. That face worked every time. Now she could practice again. Picking up her violin, she played one of her favorite melodies she learned as a little girl. "It'll be perfect," she thought with a grin. She strummed the chorus again and again. 


Two minutes after leaving Lucy's house, Kenzie and Katana were at it again. 

"I'm going to get Mira," Katana told the lightning dragon slayer. 

With a look of shock, Kenzie replied, "You have no right to choose Mira over Freed!! I'm getting Mira."

The ice dragon slayer got mad. "You wanna go, Dragneel?!" 

"Bring it on, Fullbuster!!" Kenzie spit back. 

But before tackling each other to the ground, they both realized how important the Freera plan was. 

"Here," Kenzie sighed. "We'll play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winner gets to bring Mira to 8island got it?"

Katana nodded. "Alright. Shoot on three. One, two, three!"

Kenzie shot Rock, and Katana shot Paper. The ice mage smirked. "See ya at 8island, Dragneel," she said, strutting away. 

Grumbling, Kenzie made her way towards the guild hall to find Freed. 


"… That would be terrific! … Yes … Uh-huh, I'm sure … Okay then! Thanks so much again, Yagima … Yes, okay, see you tonight!" Lucy pressed the off button on her phone. She turned towards Natsu who was pigging out on all of her cereal. "I got a table reserved for this evening!" Lucy told him. 

"Ah knew you vould, Luce, vecuz yer dust vhat gweat!" Natsu replied with a full mouth.

Lucy went and sat on the fire mage's lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I was thinking when Mira and Freed are done with their date, we could stay later and have our own date," she murmured. 

Natsu kissed her on the forehead right after swallowing his food. "I'd love that," he told the beautiful celestial wizard on his lap. They gave each other a kiss. 

Natsu stood up, sweeping his girlfriend off her feet, making her squeal. "I gotta go talk to Happy. You comin' with me?" he smiled. 

She laughed. "I don't have a choice if you aren't going to put me down," Lucy told him, ruffling his pink hair. 

Natsu put on a thinking face. He made a decision. "Then I'm not putting you down," he said, swinging her around to his back as to give her a piggyback ride. Lucy giggled as Natsu ran out the door with her on his back. She gripped around his neck tight as to not fall off.


Mira stood cleaning the bar counter when Freed walked up. She couldn't help the smile from spreading across her face. "Hi, Freed," she said to the green-haired wizard. He smiled back. His face turned red as he started talking. 

"Hey, Mira. Uh... I mean, it's a nice day and all, and I just thought... maybe you- if you want to- you, me-- we could... um... Do you want to, maybe, come with me for a while? Like... a da-ate?" Freed finally got out. 

Mira's face got hot. She had waited for this moment for a while now, and she had always chickened out at every chance to ask him out on a date. But now he'd just asked her!

"I'd love to go on a date!" she grinned. "Where would we be going?"

Freed got a little more comfortable. "Well," he started. He glanced back at his teammates, Evergreen and Bixlow, who were giving him thumbs up and making hearts with their hands. Freed looked back at Mira. "How about a picnic?" he suggested. 

"That sounds wonderful! Are we leaving now?" Mira asked him. 

Freed nodded shyly, pulling a picnic basket from behind his back. Mira giggled, blushing a little more. "Let's get outta here then!" she told him. She grabbed his hand from the other side of the counter and half led, half dragged Freed towards the entrance. They left the guild hall and headed towards Magnolia's South Gate. 


And here it is! Part three! I so hope you guys are enjoying!!!

Soo... Any predictions on what happens next? I'm going to wait to submit pt. 4. :meow:

Anyway, incase anyone doesn't know, 8island was a real restaurant in the series. If you don't know Yagima, think short (like Makarov) and former Magic Coucil. Around episode 53?

Sooo... Yeah; tell me what you think!!!!!


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All of the OC's mentioned here rightfully belong to me and my friends.
All Fairy Tail characters belong to Hiro Mashima
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